Monday, June 6, 2011

Shop Of the Week: Refined Pallet

Hello all! This week marks the beginning of a new weekly feature where we will be introducing you to a new Sac Etsy member and their shops each week! This will feature a short Q&A here on our team blog, followed by daily links to their shop on the team Facebook page ( Please support your fellow team members by helping to promote them each week and help yourself by submitting your information to be a Featured Seller! This is the very first installment of our Shop Of the Week Feature, and our very first seller to be featured is Jef Spencer of Refined Pallet. What is your shop(s) names and links? Refined Pallet What sort of social media do you use? Would you like to share your FB, Twitter, blog links? I utilize a fan page on Facebook where I entertain my fans with my shop exploits. I also announce giveaways and promotions on this page. What sort of items do you sell in your Etsy shop? Unique and Custom gift item made primarily from wood. Acrylics and other materials utilized on occasion as well. A lot of what I make is geared more to men, so to all your ladies out there…. Men like fancy things too! They just won’t admit it. Explain a little about the processes/techniques/materials you use. I love to make sawdust!! I have a small shop full of woodworking tools set up in my garage. There I select from a wide variety to exotic and domestic woods to create the products that would be considered “useful everyday art”. Meaning that the gift items that I enjoy making are not only beautiful, but useful. I also pride myself on breathing new life into discarded materials. Who knows, that dining room table in your home might become my raw materials someday. How long have you been selling on Etsy? Although I opened my shop a few years ago, it has really only been over the last year that I have been selling online in the shop. Most of my work is custom ordered and sold directly to customers. Do you do other sorts of crafts as well? Not really, I really enjoy being in the shop. How long have you been in the Sacramento area? I moved to Sacramento shortly after graduating from Chico state about 13 years ago. What sort of non-crafty hobbies do you have? The love of the outdoors keeps me busy with hiking, camping, cycling and Geocaching. What is one trick do you have to stay organized and motivated? To stay organized I find that my best asset is good documentation. Spread sheets and documents will save you a lot of retyping and sifting through loose papers when you need something that you already created. Motivation comes from the friends and support systems that I have become involved in due to my store. What is one tip you would share with someone who is just getting started selling on Etsy? Get hooked up with a local team or at least dig through the Etsy Forums. The best place to get pointers is to research the existing knowledge base and mine whoever you can for tips. In the future do you have plans to expand your business? I am always looking for something new to create in my shop. I have a few new projects on the horizon in a “research” stage but input is always welcome. Many of my new endeavors stem from a customer asking, “Hey, can you make this?” Do you have a favorite seller (besides yourself) you would like to give a shout-out to? Well my sister makes some great stuff for new mothers. I am always impressed with what shows up in her store, UrsulaGlassGoddess What is your favorite item you have available in your shop right now? That’s a toughie. I really like working with burl woods and turning them into razor handles and Silvertip Badge brushes. One of these days I will actually make one for my personal use. What is your most treasured handmade item? I made a blanket chest for my wife as one of my first furniture projects. It was actually the inspiration for the name of my shop. The chest is made of pine from recycled freight pallets. Hence the name of my store “Refined Pallet”. These were the main source of my lumber for many years because some really great wood gets cut up to make freight pallets. You just have to be willing to find it. There are lots of furniture pieces and other items out there that I have made from recycled pallets and broken furniture.


Sparkling Sisters Jewelry said...

What a great write-up! I'm really going to enjoy this feature! thanks Alexis and Jef!!!

Prairie Primitives Folk Art said...

Alexis, thanks for taking on this volunteer task! I look forward to "meeting" more members of the Sac Etsy Team though your future interviews!

foothillfibersnphoto said...

Beautiful woodwork!