Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seasonal Gift Guide - sponsored by Sac Etsy Team

The Gift Guide has been up and running for a few weeks now!  Check it out at Handmade On Etsy.  If you're a California-based seller, see how you can be featured!

Advertising has already begun.  You can see our ad on Craftcult this week.

Sac Etsy Treasury East - Snow White

Curated by simpletilly:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Treasury East - Go Green, Sacramento!

Curated by team members Aneesa Designs; includes Sac Etsy Team members:

Sac Etsy Team Christmas in July Participants

The 3rd Annual Christmas in July promotion has begun on Etsy.  Check out the following Sac Etsy Team shops that are participating.  See their shop announcements for their individual sales.


Jenny Trinh

Graveline Paper Studio


Art & Illustrations by H. Klinger

Susan"Savannah's Proud Grammy" 

Virtue Knits


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Calling All Cali Etsy Sellers!

The Sac Etsy Team has released an online Gift Guide to encourage
shoppers to "Shop Local". We've decided to expand the definition to include all
Cali Etsy sellers. If you would like to learn more/want to participate, please
visit this page:

Friday, July 9, 2010

Where To Find Us - July 2010

Saturday, July 10th

Rhonda Brewer-Chaparro aka OddArtist 
21st and k at night, 16th and J in the morning

BKD Signature 
Park Your Art - K and 21st

WEAVE on K between 19th and 20th.
Midtown Bazaar at 16th and J

McMartin Reality, on K and 21st.

Carolyn Collins

Sparkling Waters Studios

Virtue Knits
21st and K at McMartin Realty


McMartin Realty @ 21st and K