Friday, January 22, 2010

Feature Friday - Virtue Knits

Business Name: Virtue Knits

What do you create/sell? I sell handknit scarves, hats, wraps, purses, cuffs and shawls for women and girls. Each item that I create is unique and if I get a chance to see my customer, I make an effort to get the person's essence and it design the item just for them.

How did you get started and why? I got started about 5 years ago after my sister and I watched an episode of Oprah about women starting small businesses. Our goal was to be stay at home mom's. My sister ended up giving the business over to me because it became too time consuming. I have been running the business myself for the past four years.

What do you love most about owning your own business? I love the ability to create. I love create something that is completely different from the last thing that I created. I enjoy allowing my creative juices to flow.

What are some interesting/fun facts about yourself? I write music and play the guitar. I have been so busy and hadn't gotten a chance to play in about a month. Last night I was able to play and ended up playing for over an hour. I wrote in my journal that it was like seeing an old friend. I had missed playing the guitar, like I had missed seeing a my best friend.

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Leaf and Tendril said...

Congratulations on your featured interview - you have a nice shop (just checked it out)!


Janice said...

How neat, that's great to have your own business doing what you love to do. You have some great creations, I like the photos on your Virtue Knits FB page.

Steve Rutledge said...

Congratulations Francesca on your Virtue Knits business ... it is evident that you love what you do ... the different pieces you have created are beautiful and you are a very talented young woman ... keep it up

Amanda said...

Way to go on the interview! I love your shop! Great Work!!! You have some wonderful knitted pieces!

Simply Naif said...

I love your stuff! Thank you for sharing!!!

Jane said...

Beautiful knits! Keep living the dream. :)

Renaissance Austin said...

Congrats on your feature and your sales! Very nice blog


Penrose Designs said...

Great blog! Love your work!