Friday, January 29, 2010

Feature Friday - Featuring Odd Artist

Business Name: oddartist studio

What do you create/sell? I have a horrible habit of finding beauty in pretty much everything which really twists hubby's tits but some how I manage to create something cool with anything I run across. My current best sellers are Naughty Bits (created using recycled romance novels - just the *best* parts) and Melted media (upcycled CDs, DVDs, video discs and vinyl records). You really don't want to see my less-than-stellar-ideas. My brain is too bent for some folks...

How did you get started and why? I simply MUST create like one MUST breath - if I can't create I'll go mad.  I've been this way for as long as I remember. My classmates got used to my strange ideas at some point, but I was always that 'weird artsy chick'. Even my best friend of 20+ years took half of that to comprehend me. Her husband only recently gave me the highest compliment ever - and I quote "You see things so differently you amaze me".

The Naughty bits started with my Evil Daughter wanting a camo cover for tampons and such and whilst cruising the local thrift shop, ran across a Fabio paperback. I laminated the cover and made her a 'paperback-pocketbook' zippered pouch. The book innards laid around for a few weeks. I hate to toss anything so I took a flip through it and *BINGO*, Naughty Bits were born.

Melted media came about after a spring-cleaning where I had a stack of CDs and DVDs I was about to toss, but once again, I can't just toss stuff. They were so purty! I had seen something on where someone had nuked a CD so I started experimenting - and still am - with melting these items.

Both of these lines were items I was just beginning to fool with when I did the St. Paul Art Crawl in 2009. The Naughty Bits, especially the 'Very Naughty bits Indeed, were getting snapped up by all age groups and the Melted Media attracted the attention of an engineer who builds playgrounds. I didn't get that gig but I have expanded the possibilities for recycling vinyl and digital media. I'm currently working on baseball caps made out of vinyl records a-la the old beer can hats. Have one almost done, gotta see how that prototype rolls before I add them to the line.

What do you love most about owning your own business? Not irritating my friends and neighbors by *giving* them my art. It's an acquired taste and either you love it or thing it's stupid. With my online shops I can get people I don't even know to fall in love with my art. There's more sick and twisted people out there than I thought!

What are some interesting/fun facts about yourself? Nothing special, just your average dirty old lady.

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